Jeremy is an art director, designer and sometimes animator based in Brooklyn. He’s done award winning work for clients like P&G, Nike, Mars and the United Nations.

He feels weird writing about himself in the third person so he is going to stop. I’m gonna stop.

While I’ve done pretty well as an art director — I’ve been awarded at Cannes, D&AD, the One Show, the Art Directors Club and the Fast Company World Changing Ideas among others — I’ve also branched out into 3D, animation, packaging design, and shooting commercials. Those are fun, so I learned how to do them, while still thinking conceptually. So even as I tweak keyframes of an animation, I make sure it’s in the service of delivering the right message.

Right now I’m at FCB Chicago, though I am based in NYC. Previously I was at Saatchi and Saatchi wellness working for P&G and various pharmaceutical clients. Before that I took a break from agencies to develop an online 3D tool for designers, learning a lot about product design, how to code, and marketing. Sadly, it didn’t work out — Adobe came out with a competing product. Before that I was at Pure Growth where I did some advertising, but was mostly involved in developing and launching consumer brands (I went to factories and everything). Prior to that I was at Nitro on several brands including Twix, Kraft Singles and Nike. You can download my resume here.

It’s not just advertising, I consider it key to work on projects for social good and I’ve been privileged to work on several: I shot a documentary in Somalia for the World Food Program, worked with the UN to promote world peace day and developed a sustainable pill bottle.

Before I was in the agency world, I was a photographer, photo assistant and retoucher. Helped give me an appreciation of how cameras work and how to run a shoot. Before that I was a chemist. Really; it was my major and everything, though I also studied design at SVA. Having a  technical background has helped me understand the science behind my healthcare clients and the physics (including Math) in animations.